Ted and Justine Gaeta

We were extremely lucky to have Ed Ensign Contracting restore and renovate our 100 year old house. The results are truly amazing. We lived in the house for ten years before we started the process of thinking about a renovation. We struggled with the planning because we wanted to stay true to the character of the house while updating it to handle an active family of five. Because of Ed and his dedicated team, we were able to make that happen. It has exceeded all our expectations. We have been back in the house for two years now, so we have had plenty of time to live with the work and everything is just perfect.

The scope of the project was large. It entailed virtually gutting the entire residence. As with so many projects, ours had a way of expanding. Ed and his team took these changes in stride and did not use them as an opportunity to exact a premium. Our hundred year old house also gave him, and us, a few surprises, but all of them were taken in stride. We also ran into a problem with our ex-architect’s plans midway through the process and Ed was able to provide help in that department. Nothing seemed to faze him during this process. Ed is not only extremely organized, reliable and efficient, but, he made sure that the job proceeded smoothly with no delays. While the construction was going on, he was on site every day making personally sure that every detail was correct.

Richard and Carol Wilke

We are fortunate to have worked with Ed Ensign and his team on several projects over the last 4 years, including an extensive kitchen remodel. We have been thrilled with the results! Ed and his team are professional, approachable, responsive, and very unobtrusive. Moreover, Ed makes the dislocation caused by any construction project as painless as possible and he keeps the workplace very clean.

What has been particularly impressive is Ed’s broad knowledge and problem solving skills. Our house is over 100 years old, which means there are always surprises when a wall is opened up. Ed is very upfront when discussing projects in terms of the unknowns that may be uncovered. Moreover, he has demonstrated his problem solving skills to work with the quirks of an old house in order to deliver what the client is hoping for. We have the utmost confidence in Ed’s skills and ability to accomplish any project we have, and we look forward to working with him in the future.